The haudenschildGarage is partnering with the literary collective, Eloisa Cartonera, to create a kitchen garden in their new space in Chacarita, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Eloisa Cartonera has secured an acre of land and they are in the process of building a self-sustaining artist studio, printing press and residency space. The initiative has included designs by architects Leo Ferretti, Ramiro Gallardo, Gustavo Nielson and Max Zolkwer of Galpon Estudio and Supersudaca.

The haudenschildGarage has proposed the development of a portion of the land for a kitchen garden. The goal is to connect the local community with the artists and curators in residency through working the land together.

Existing on the land is a well that will be used for cooking, drinking and washing. The region receives high rainfall and the rain will be collected through a roof system to be used for irrigation.  Additionally, the roof is designed to maximize airflow with a double roof that removes the need for air conditioning during the hot summers.

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