In October 2012, Argentine artist Cecile Perret was invited by the haudenschildGarage to do an intervention on an antique cabinet in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


I am still amazed, haunted, and maybe even obsessed by the relationship between inside and outside - what other direction could I ever have taken?

More than anything when the subject/victim of this intervention is a piece of furniture that is already playing with this idea, in a boring way maybe, but it's there: in the see-through glass and mirrors, in the confined and the secret spaces.

It was screaming out and I just made it obvious, only this time the contrast was greater.

The outside: a computer/machine/man. Cold, electronic, awkward.

The inside: guts. A surprise you wouldn't expect in such a cold and sad piece of metal. The human bit.

There is in me at this point a fascination with guts. I think maybe for a while I was equally fascinated by the outside. Now I'm taking a lot of pleasure going through these paint surgeries, wanting to see what things are made of.

All of those strange connections and chemical transactions happening in hidden places...

- Cecile Perret, November 2012

In 2010, Cecile was commissioned by the haudenschildGarage to create a graffiti mural in a space in Buenos Aires. She collaborated on this project with Lucía Brutta.


About Cecile Perret

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