In early 2010, the haudenschildGarage founded the Migdalia Rubio Foundation (Fundación Migdalia Rubio). Its mission to offer scholarships to economically disadvantaged elementary and high school students in Tijuana, Mexico. The haudenschildGarage is working in partnership with the Migdalia Rubio Foundation to support students providing all necessities for their academic success.

The foundation's desire is to encourage the students’ families to become active and involved participants in the basic education of their children.

The scholarships provide:
- One year of tuition
- Uniforms and shoes
- Books and school supplies
- Daily school lunches
- Special school event clothing
- Sports equipment and activities

In July 2014 the project Niños de la Linea removed children ages 6-16 who work “on the line,” a bartering market on the border of San Diego and Tijuana. Niños de la Linea supports children who otherwise would receive little to no formal education by offering them an opportunity to attend classes and workshops.  Since its inception in 2010, the Foundation has been providing Christmas dinners for thousands of needy families and summer camps for children.

Niños de la Linea, Summer Camps, Holiday Dinners

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