A project from haudenschildGarage Director, Eloisa Haudenschild in discussion with Mario Ybarra.

On September 22, 2006 the haudenschildGarage unveiled its Graffiti Project, a collaboration with The New Chinatown Barbershop Gallery. From September 19 - 22 seven local graffiti artists and poet, performer, and art critic Karla Diaz worked in the Garage's space in Los Angeles. The graffiti artists included Mario Ybarra Jr, Germs, Neo, Retna, Sherm, Spew, and Zender.

Karla Diaz wrote about the experience as part of the project and her text was included in the graffiti mural.

Dangling from the
tip of my tongue
inflected-urban city
skyscrapers, blue
lovers' apology
Aztec luchador
red lipstick, hoop-earrings,
dinosaur bones
God's hieroglyphic soul
coming out of
Los Angeles -
alphabet soup
brothers, mothers,
fathers, daughters
razor daffodils

-Karla Diaz

A short documentary on the project was produced by Fat Sack Films.

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