In October 2010 Argentine artist Cecile Perret was invited by the haudenschildGarage to work on a graffiti project in a private space in Buenos Aires. Cecile's work began in January 2011 and her collaborator on the project is Lucía Brutta

if i was to open my chest, with a swift surgical move, lots of things from the inside would come out. a heart and bones and blood --all of the things that allow me to breath and walk this earth-- but also the spirit of all the things i've done. all of my creatures and all my creations in a giant contorting wave would pop out for everyone to see.

my eyes would also float back and forth, letting themselves be carried by the flow, picking up wherever they go bits and pieces of the sea. i would lose my head as well, of course, and my legs and my arms to the sea of colors. and the huge grey walls of the city would suddenly become the beach where all of this will drift ashore.

Day one means white walls, a scary and exciting feeling. knowing what I have to do and being afraid of screwing up. then i begin drawing and i realize everything is going to be ok. from then on it is pure joy. the main character of the project is born, my alter ego of course, because everything i do seems to start with myself. and in this particular case, i'm taking a look at my insides.

Day three lucía joins for the first part of her intervention. it’s always exciting to work with somebody else because of the challenge. it slightly changes the course of things and you need to rethink things to keep going. but most of all - it’s fun!

Day five is one of the most frustrating days. having a very certain idea of what you want to do, but not being able to do it…well, i guess we all have bad days at work…

Day six starts with the major destruction of what had been done the previous day. and from the ashes out comes the phoenix, reminding me that there is nothing that cannot be fixed. and this is how the máquina de hacer (the making machine) is born. a máquina de hacer, we all have one inside ourselves, there’s always a part of us creating - good and bad - but creating after all.

aside from a lot of smoke (which would be the bad part) my máquina de hacer is producing explorer astronauts which become visible around days ten and eleven. and this is where my inner self connects to the outside world: - the city is born.

this city is vast and complicated and sometimes it doesn’t even make sense, like real cities. fast and furious, with the shape and the force of water, swallowing everything as it passes by.

Day fourteen lucía comes back for her second and last intervention. and the city keeps growing like a monster from day twelve to the very end of the project, when it takes the shape of a giant wave about to hit me.

and so the circle is closed.

and so everything begins again.

- Cecile Perret, January 2011


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