EVEN WHEN FALL IS HERE started as an unexpected, casual invitation by Eloisa; sitting on a bench talking, facing the garden, amongst colorful flowers. 
By intuition, I proposed a sound installation, a polyphonic choir within the garden. Through a long process, almost two years and a half, not only a project was developed, but a great, deep and subtle friendship was created within the three collaborators: Eloísa Haudenschild, Chris Shea and me.
The project was established through continuous dialogues and visits to the garden in La Jolla. Using landscape artist Chris Shea’s log as a departing point for creating a music score and later his incredible photographic work on the different species included in the garden, a color abstraction code was created to interpret this two year long catalogue of the garden into a geometric structure of colors and voids, representing the changing cycles of the flowers through the seasons, in a drawing installation. 
Finally, all this visual language was transported into a 6 channel audio and visual installation in the garden, showing the choreographic and sensual movements of Chris’s hands while exploring his garden. The six screens, as voices in a choir, sing together for creating an orchestral feeling in space: a polyphonic, polychromatic experience amongst the plants in the peaceful Haudenschilds' garden.

-Erick Meyenberg

On August 11, 2018, Erick Meyenberg and Chris Shea were in conversation at the haudenschildGarage, moderated by Carmen Cuenca.

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