The haudenschildGarage supports The Storefront, a program of San Diego Youth & Community Services (SDYCS). As the only emergency homeless shelter for youth ages 12-17, The Storefront provides a unique and extremely positive service to the community. Not only does it provide shelter to homeless teens, it actively helps them stay off the streets. As a result of the Storefront programs and staff, many youth change the direction of their lives in a positive way as they are placed in long term safe environments.

Programs at The Storefront

Many homeless youth initially become aware of The Storefront from the outreach program. Volunteers comb the street in San Diego twice a day, six days a week searching for homeless youth. These youth are offered free food, clothing, medical care, survival information, and an opportunity to stay at The Storefront. Often it may take several months before trust is established with the outreach worker and the youth will stay at the shelter. Once there, they will receive food, room and board, be assigned a case manager, and receive job training and other essential life skills while attending school.

The Storefront's night shelter houses up to 20 teens each night, 365 days a year. Teens who would otherwise be spending nights sheltered by little more than freeway overpasses, are provided with food, showers, clean beds, and the opportunity to take advantage of all The Storefront has to offer.

The Storefront provides a day drop in center from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The center provides computers, books, videos, and games to keep youth occupied in productive and educational ways.

In 2006, The Storefront's outreach program, night shelter and day drop in center assisted 1,555 homeless youth. Of the 169 teens that stayed at the shelter, 84 were reunited with parents and legal guardians. Safe options were found for another 66 teens. The Storefront had an 88% rate of placing youth in safe places, higher than the year before. The Storefront is one of the most successful homeless shelters in the United States.


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