Hipic is an independent, global art project created by Chinese artists Yang Zhenzhong, Xu Zhen, and Huang Kui. Hipic launched on September 4, 2007 and offers the opportunity to its users to display their own pictures in synchronization. Hipic is a system connected to various screen-related media and enables pictures to be viewed anywhere in the world simultaneously for one minute. The birth of Hipic stems from the artists' interest in the excess of images - especially fuzzy, blurry or duplicated shots that in the past were deleted or forgotten, here they are archived forever. Through recycling pictures, Hipic builds an open, dynamic multimedia public platform: a reciprocal osmosis between art and life. Conceived as a new type of public art, Hipic creates different possibilities.


From Hipic:

Internet living body

Hipic is a life generator, collecting and displaying pictures uploaded by users. Each time a user uploads a picture, Hipic’s life is extended for one minute.

One minute, one picture

Hipic-displaying windows simultaneously show the same picture for one minute. Any picture is entitled to a minute of life on Hipic and can be viewed everywhere.

One picture forever

Since its launching, Hipic has received international uploads of pictures displaying them on various screens and platforms, 24 hours a day, one by one, for one minute each.

One picture once

The Hipic system never re-displays a picture. Pictures are all logged into Hipic's storage for future studies.

World synchronized

The Hipic system is globally synchronized, a picture can be seen at the same time, anywhere.

Everyone is an artist

Anyone can upload pictures on Hipic and become an artist.

Presentation in multimedia public space

Hipic can be seen on public screens, computers, mobile phones, virtual communities, exhibitions, and other multimedia public spaces, filling daily life with art.

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