Tania Candiani: URRA Artist in Residency, Buenos Aires

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Mexican artist Tania Candiani was selected as one of URRA’s artists in residency in Buenos Aires, Argentina (November 1 – 30, 2012).

The Art Residency in Buenos Aires brings together a group of approximately 15 international visual artists to live and work in the city of Buenos Aires for the period of one month. This residency has an annual frequency, and its third edition will take place from the 1st to the 30th of November 2012. The program offers shared working conditions that encourage the interaction between peers, the exchange of experiences and information, and the creation of links between different people and spaces in Argentina and the world. The selected artists have one month to concentrate on their practice. They can develop new projects, which may be planned in advance or at the beginning of the program, and in response to the new context. They are not pressured to produce finished work. The artists’ accommodations are located downtown. A nearby empty space functions as a shared studio to carry out their projects, and they can also choose to work in alternative venues in the city. They are all included in a program of activities, informal events and shared dinners, to encourage the dialogue within the group and contact with the artistic circuit and the city.

Formal activities and events
– Audiovisual Presentations: at the beginning of the residency the artists show documentation of their work in dialogue with the audience.
– Initial Exhibition: the second activity at the beginning of the residency is a group exhibition displaying existing work of the participants, introducing them directly to the city and its art circuit.
– Open Studio: The program culminates in an Open Studio, where the public is invited to visit the working spaces and to see the projects of the artists.

All these events and activities mentioned above are free and open to the public.

Informal activities and events
– During the month the artists share other informal activities, such as visits to collections and artist’s studios, and shared meals, to favor the dialogue among the group and with other profesionals of the field.

Selection of the artists
Artists are chosen through discussions with different advisors from Argentina and abroad, and with associated institutions and funding bodies. Although this residency has no open calls URRA also evaluates proposals from interested artists, taking into account their work, the concept of the residency and the conformation of the group.

For more information visit URRA’s website: www.urraurra.com.ar/raba2012.html