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Cao Fei, Yang Fudong, and Xu Zhen part of China China at PinchukArtCentre

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China China is an exhibition about two Chinas, about the present and the past and about choices for the future. Dealing with the continuous search for history and with a reality that is shifting from local to a global context. It highlights the different approach in the generation of artists living through the Cultural Revolution, who find their subject in researching the past while dealing with the present, and the new generation, who engages in an uprooted society, moving forward into a new social-cultural future…

Movement Field: Xu Zhen at Long March Space

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Provocation has always been a main aspect in Xu Zhen’s creation, touching upon taboos, definitions and rules. His early work8848-1.86, fully reflects doubts about power and truth – this installation is a ‘troublemaker’, ironizing humankind’s illusory and blind pursuit for a certain ‘apogee’- it encompasses the current chaotic situation in politics, economy, culture and history generated by ambitions of hegemony, selfish desires. With provocation as a stimulus, Xu Zhen builds a systematized ‘destruction/reconstruction’ cycle. This logic reached its climax when in 2009he announced that ‘Xu Zhen’ was over, and began ‘MadeIn Company’…

‘Art of Change New Directions from China’: Xu Zhen and Gu Dexin at the Hayward Gallery, London

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Art of Change: New Directions from China (7 September – 9 December 2012) presents some of the most interesting art to come out of mainland China over the past three decades. The first major exhibition in the UK to focus on contemporary installation and performance art from China, it brings together works by nine of the country’s most innovative artists and artist groups from the 1980s to today – Chen Zhen, Yingmei Duan, Gu Dexin, MadeIn Company, Liang Shaoji, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu , Wang Jianwei and Xu Zhen. Comprising 40 works, the exhibition will show significant early examples of the artists’ work, alongside recent pieces and new commissions…

Nature’s Toolbox: Cao Fei, Tomas Saraceno and Xu Zhen included in exhibition

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Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention, produced by the nonprofit Art Works for Change, is an innovative international traveling exhibition featuring contemporary artwork by 38 renowned artists from around the world. Inspired by nature as the ultimate resource for innovations that promote an ecologically secure and sustainable future, the show’s eye-capturing art helps visitors understand and appreciate the life-or-death interdependence between the 10–20 million species on earth—including humans—and the quality of life we enjoy…

Xu Zhen included in “Art of Change: New Directions from China” at Hayward Gallery

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Art of Change: New Directions from China (7 September–9 December 2012) features contemporary installation and performance art from China produced over the past three decades. It brings together works by nine of the country’s most innovative artists and artist groups from the 1980s to today—Chen Zhen (b.1955–d.2000), Yingmei Duan (b.1969), Gu Dexin (b.1962), MadeIn Company (est. 2009),Liang Shaoji (b.1945), Sun Yuan (b.1972) & Peng Yu (b.1974), Wang Jianwei (b.1954) and Xu […]

‘The Physique of Consciousness’: Made In Company at Long March Space

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Made In Company Ltd. (established 2009) is an art production company founded by leading conceptual artist Xu Zhen. Drawing on Xu Zhen’s vast array of experiences over the past decade, not only as artist, but also as arts organizer, including directing an artist run space, online art forum, and exhibition organizer/curator, the company provides a comprehensive approach towards art creation, blurring the lines between exhibition, production and curating, as well as authorship….