( 8 articles reference UCSD )


garage talk: Alain Badiou

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May 25, 2010 at hG

Presentation and conversation

Cultures and Truths

Philosopher; Rabat, Morocco

garage talk: Walid Raad

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April 10, 2007 hG

Presentation and conversation

The Loudest Muttering is Over: Documents from The Atlas Group Archive

Artist; Chbanieh, Lebanon

fuel4talk: Slavoj Zizek

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November 15, 2006 at hG


Sociologist, philosopher, and cultural critic; Ljubljana, Slovenia

Political Equator I Conference

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June 11, 2006 at hG

Panel, film screening and world premiere of Cao Fei’s ‘Whose Utopia?’

Cao Fei, Pi Li, Norman Bryson, Paul Pickowicz, Eyal Weizman, Andrew Ross, Teddy Cruz, Steve Fagin, Vicky Funari, Sergio de la Torre, and Roberto Tejada

garage talk: Alternative Universes

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March 3, 2006

Estación Tijuana, Mexico and hG

Panel and conversation

Rita Gonzalez, Bill Kelley Jr., Renoud Proch, Nate Harrison, Mario Ybarra Jr., Sergio de la Torre, and C. Ondine Chavoya

garage talk: “The Special Period” Cuban Culture in the 1990s

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December 9, 2005 at hG

Conversation and screening

Steve Fagin, Betti-Sue Hertz, Esther Whitfield, Cristina Venegas, Ivor Miller, and Ariana Hernandez-Reguant