Sergio de la Torre

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Yoshua Okon and Sergio De La Torre featured in ¡Oye, Mira! Reflective Approaches in Contemporary Latin American Video Art

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¡Oye, Mira!: Reflective Approaches in Contemporary Latin American Video Art (curated by Tony Labat) brings together a selection of artists from Latin America who use video as a tool of reflection and contemplation, exploring relationships of identity to site, history, and memory. These artists play an important role as mediators in the geo-political landscape, seeking to place their work within the context of place/site and the intersection of high culture and daily life. In the featured works, materiality, form, and concept come together in an expression of each artist’s personal values and experience of the world. These range from place-specific issues of social justice and political oppression to the universal concerns of love and family…

The 2007 Istanbul Biennial with Matthew Schum

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May 2007

Istanbul Biennial

Interviews, texts, and reviews with artists and curators

Art critic, born Minneapolis

Political Equator I Conference

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June 11, 2006 at hG

Panel, film screening and world premiere of Cao Fei’s ‘Whose Utopia?’

Cao Fei, Pi Li, Norman Bryson, Paul Pickowicz, Eyal Weizman, Andrew Ross, Teddy Cruz, Steve Fagin, Vicky Funari, Sergio de la Torre, and Roberto Tejada

garage talk: Alternative Universes

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March 3, 2006

Estación Tijuana, Mexico and hG

Panel and conversation

Rita Gonzalez, Bill Kelley Jr., Renoud Proch, Nate Harrison, Mario Ybarra Jr., Sergio de la Torre, and C. Ondine Chavoya