Roberto Jacoby

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Roberto Jacoby featured in Some Artists / 90 – TODAY at Fundación Proa

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Some Artists / 90 – TODAY is on exhibition at Fundación Proa through July 2013. This show provides an overview of tendencies in Argentine art from the nineties through the present. During the nineties, alternative art spaces emerged and brought together artists from different disciplines to formulate a new way of being an artist. Their approach included the problems of cultural production and the tasks of gallerists and theorists; they often engaged in the publication of magazines. Many of the works in this show were exhibited at those alternative spaces, like Belleza y Felicidad (Beauty and Happiness) and La Galería del Rojas. Without attempting a reconstruction, the exhibition evokes the atmosphere of that time in its layout and selection of works…

Donaciones project included in CA2M’s ‘El Espectro Rojo’

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As part of the hG, Spare Parts project A Crime Has Many Stories, Roberto Jacoby and Fernanda Laguna’s project Donaciones was included in CA2M’s El Espectro Rojo with Francis Alys, Alfredo Jaar, Judi Werthein, Santigo Sierra, and Raqs Media Collective.

hG, Spare Parts: A Cycle of Projects by Eloisa Haudenschild & Steve Fagin

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2006 – 2009

hG, Spare Parts is 3-year cycle of projects that encourages the juxtaposition of the crucial, the trivial, and the arcane

Decolonizing Architecture – Palestine
A Crime Has Many Stories – Argentina
The Last Book – United States

hG, Spare Parts: A Crime Has Many Stories in Buenos Aires

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May 2008 selection of artists Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 29, 2008 traverse of Buenos Aires

A multidisciplinary, one-day traverse of the city based on Argentine writer Ricardo Piglia’s short story, La Loca y el Relato del Crimen (1975).

supported program: C.I.A.

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January – December, 2010

El Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Art and theory courses / seminar programs

A Crime Has Many Stories artworks donated to Villa Fiorito, Buenos Aires

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Donations, Fernanda Laguna and Roberto Jacoby’s project for the haudenschild Garage Spare Parts project A Crime Has Many Stories, was completed in early December 2009. The replicas Laguna and Jacoby created were selected from the Museo de Calcos’ collection and given to the Belleza y Felicidad (ByF) art space in the community of Fiorito, a small town […]