Olivier Debroise

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“Un Banquete en Tetlapayac” featured in Andrea Fraser’s work at MoMA

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Performing Histories (1) is the first of a two-part exhibition exploring media artworks that challenge and engage with history in various ways. All the works included are new to the Museum’s collection, and together they represent a range of perspectives, reflecting the diverse practices and backgrounds of the artists, and raising questions both about how the past is constructed, and how it can inform the present and the future…

hG, Spare Parts: A Crime Has Many Stories in Buenos Aires

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May 2008 selection of artists Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 29, 2008 traverse of Buenos Aires

A multidisciplinary, one-day traverse of the city based on Argentine writer Ricardo Piglia’s short story, La Loca y el Relato del Crimen (1975).