Matthew Schum

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Hermès: a haudenschild Garage project with MARK BRADFORD

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Project Hermès is a site-specific installation in a vacant house in La Jolla, California based on transcribed conversations between Eloisa Haudenschild in La Jolla and Mark Bradford in Los Angeles that took place from January to July 2013. From Haudenschild were stories of an eccentric, former neighbor who harbored deep antagonism and paranoia towards her and her family. From Bradford was the initial impulse to research domestic settings of homemade webcam pornography, later abstracted into a web of black lines…

Documenting DOCUMENTA: A haudenschildGarage Project with Matthew Schum

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In June 2012, Matthew Schum traveled to Germany to create an account of Documenta 13. This project was loosely inspired by an urstyle of art criticism that independently commissioned writers used to cover the Paris Salons in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Documenting DOCUMENTA attempts to apply this practical invention to the pervasive use of weblogs today.

The 2007 Istanbul Biennial with Matthew Schum

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May 2007

Istanbul Biennial

Interviews, texts, and reviews with artists and curators

Art critic, born Minneapolis