Martin Kersels

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‘Charms’ by Martin Kersels at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art

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The Santa Barbara Museum of Art announces the installation of nine newly commissioned sculptures from the “Charm” series by renowned artist Martin Kersels. This special installation debuted at the Museum on November 10, 2012 and remains on view for an extended period. Martin Kersels’s Charms incorporate found objects and shapes to form iconic sculptures that hang from the ceiling. The nine sculptures from the series that comprise the installation, Little, Little Boy; Green Dog; Black Cloud; White House; and five Silver Clouds, are suspended from a large ring—like charms on a bracelet. Several sculptures incorporate lighting elements and reflective surfaces which cast light and shadow on the interior walls. The Charms, according to Kersels, project a sense of “comfort and familiarity played against the anxiety-producing images of a bomb amidst silver, alien-like clouds. While there is no specific narrative, they are deliberate and dynamic in their construction and suspension…”

garage talk: Disorderly Conduct

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April 5 – 6, 2008 at hG

Performance, panel, screening and conversation

Martin Kersels, Glenn Kaino, Pearl C. Hsiung, Daniel J. Martinez, Karen Moss, Stephanie Hanor, and Mike Davis

garage talk: Eloisa Haudenschild for “City Limits” Exhibition

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The Haudenschild Collection was the inspiration for the exhibition City Lights: Shanghai – Los Angeles which was on view from November 7 – December 17, 2006 at the University Art Gallery, CSULB. The exhibition was organized by Yeonsoo Chee and examined contemporary life in Shanghai and Los Angeles.