Lu Chunsheng

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imPOSSIBLE: Lu Chunsheng, Shi Yong and Yang Zhenzhong at Cultural Center Kühlhaus Berlin

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hat is the state of Video Art in China today? And how do artists reflect their artistry in the present? Where is the art drifting toward? And by what standards do we evaluate art? Based on two shows entitled “imPOSSIBLE!”, that were shown 2009 already at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery and MISSION 17, the new show was re-curated by the curatorial team of Nicole Loeser and Irina Ilieva. In the context of the project “Chinese Fall” at the Kühlhaus the curators picked up these questions for their exhibition…

After the Market’s Boom: A Case Study of the Haudenschild Collection by Michelle McCoy

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Located in the hills of La Jolla, a seaside resort community near San Diego, California, the residence of Chris and Eloisa Haudenschild is home to a major U.S. collection of contemporary Chinese video art and photography. The Haudenschilds began collecting contemporary Chinese video and photography in the late 1990s, when these mediums were beginning to become as widely used and important as they are today, and just before the beginning of the market’s current boom.

The 2007 Istanbul Biennial with Matthew Schum

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May 2007

Istanbul Biennial

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