Eyal Weizman

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Eyal Weizman part of ‘The Anthropocene Project’ at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

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The Anthropocene Project opens with a four-day gathering, bringing together renowned thinkers, artists, filmmakers, scientists, and scholars to meet, discuss, and debate an archipelago of thoughts. Fundamental positions, issues, and implications posed by “the age of mankind” are considered: If the opposition between humanity and nature has been dissolved, what processes must we undergo to shift our perspectives and trained perceptions? Where to draw the borders of an ever-expanding “planetary garden”? Is it necessary to rethink the nature of economies, or should we assign nature its own economy? What impact does the Anthropocene have on global, political decision making? What image of humanity forms if nature appears in the image of man, as if it were human?

Memory Marathon: Ragnar Kjartansson and Eyal Weizman included in Serpentine Gallery’s 7th annual festival

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Over three days during Frieze Art Fair Week (October 12 – 14, 2012), the Serpentine Gallery stages the Memory Marathon, the seventh annual festival of ideas inspired by the annual Pavilion commission. This multi-disciplinary event will feature a wide range of participants, including leading artists, architects, film-makers, musicians, scientists, theorists and writers in a continuous, performative programme of explorations, musical and theatrical performances, film screenings, discussions and experiments. Audiences can attend specific events – ranging from 15-minute solo presentations to 45-minute discussions or performances – throughout each day of the Memory Marathon…

supported program: Decolonizing Architecture at REDCAT

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December 7, 2010 – February 6,2011


Exhibition and panel

hG, Spare Parts: A Cycle of Projects by Eloisa Haudenschild & Steve Fagin

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2006 – 2009

hG, Spare Parts is 3-year cycle of projects that encourages the juxtaposition of the crucial, the trivial, and the arcane

Decolonizing Architecture – Palestine
A Crime Has Many Stories – Argentina
The Last Book – United States

hG, Spare Parts: Decolonizing Architecture in Palestine

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2007 – present

Ramallah and Bethlehem

Decolonizing Architecture is a multi-pronged research project that addresses the possibilities of understanding and redesigning Palestine in preparation for a post-evacuation time and context

Decolonizing Architecture: One of ARTFORUM’s Top Ten Projects

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In January 2010, ARTFORUM named Decolonizing Architecture one of the top ten projects of the decade. Tirdad Zolghadr writes: “I’m a little tired of interdisciplinarity à la “exhibition research,” where we play semi-Foucauldian journalist or quasi-Rancièrian ethnographer with boring impunity. But decolonizing.ps shows it’s still possible to cross disciplines and act like adults. With a […]