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hG commission: Kitchen Garden

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The haudenschild Garage is partnering with the literary collective, Eloisa Cartonera, to create a kitchen garden in their new space in Chacarita, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eloisa Cartonera has secured an acre of land and they are in the process of building a self-sustaining artist studio, printing press and residency space. The goal is to connect the local community with the artists and curators in residency through working the land together…

hG, Spare Parts: A Cycle of Projects by Eloisa Haudenschild & Steve Fagin

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2006 – 2009

hG, Spare Parts is 3-year cycle of projects that encourages the juxtaposition of the crucial, the trivial, and the arcane

Decolonizing Architecture – Palestine
A Crime Has Many Stories – Argentina
The Last Book – United States

hG, Spare Parts: A Crime Has Many Stories in Buenos Aires

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May 2008 selection of artists Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 29, 2008 traverse of Buenos Aires

A multidisciplinary, one-day traverse of the city based on Argentine writer Ricardo Piglia’s short story, La Loca y el Relato del Crimen (1975).

supported program: Eloisa Cartonera in Tijuana

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October 16 – 18, 2008

UABC and Epicentrico, Tijuana, Mexico

Lecture and workshop

garage talk: Eloisa Cartonera & Washington Cucurto

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October 15, 2009 at hG

Reading and conversation

Washington Cucurto and Maria Gomez with Teddy Cruz, Juli Carson, Steve Fagin, Eloisa Haudenschild, Jennifer Flores-Sternad, and Monica Jovanovich-Kelley

artists-in-residence: Washington Cucurto and Maria Gomez

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October 14 – 16, 2009 at hG
Commission: Washington Cucurto short story, El Hijo
Writer and literary collective, Eloisa Cartonera; Buenos Aires, Argentina