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Archivo Caminante and Ala Plástica part of ‘Monday Begins on Saturday’ with the Bergen Assembly

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The first edition of the Bergen Assembly is a contemporary rewriting of the Strugatsky novel, conceived as an archipelago of fictitious research institutes. It delves into the idea that paradoxically, contemporary art is the place where the dialectical materialist magic of Monday Begins on Saturday has its afterlife, albeit as a potential accomplice to the real ravages of fictitious capital and as a victim of rampant precarization and austerity. Spread over multiple venues in Bergen, the exhibition gathers works that are themselves the outcome of critical-imaginative research into the heightened contradictions and particular injustices of our time.

El Hotel: Eduardo Molinari and Azul Blaseotto at ECCHR

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El Hotel was photographic installation and book presentation by Azul Blaseotto and Eduardo Molinari (Buenos Aires, Argnetina) that opened on Novermber 10, 2012 at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) . In 1975, Hotel Carrasco in Montevideo, Uruguay, was the venue of the “XI. Conference of the American Armies”. During this event, which took place in a luxurious atmosphere and whose context remained obscure, strategic agreements for the future launch of “Operation Condor” were concluded. This formed the basis of state terrorism that enabled the construction of the neoliberal net which haunts us until today…

fuel4talk: Julian d’Angiolillo & Eduardo Molinari with Jennifer Flores Sternad

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January 12, 2012 at hG

Presentation and conversation

FUEL: Thai

Artists; Buenos Aires, Argentina

supported program: ‘Arrhythmias of Counter-Production: Engaged Art in Argentina, 1995-2011’

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The University Art Gallery (UAG) at the University of California, San Diego presented an exhibition of Argentine political art produced in the public sphere over the past fifteen years – Arrhythmias of Counter-Production (October 6 2011 – January 20 2012).