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Political Equator IV Buenos Aires, Argentina

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The Political Equator 4 is co-curated by Alejandro Meitin of Ala Plastica, Maurico Corbalan of M7Red and Teddy Cruz from UCSD’s Center for Urban Ecologies. The events around this project, taking place from July 11 to July 26, 2014, will amplify local River Basins as Trans-border Laboratories to reimagine global environmental and public policy. The haudenschild Garage has enabled the first stage towards this event comprising a strategic preliminary research period.

Archivo Caminante and Ala Plástica part of ‘Monday Begins on Saturday’ with the Bergen Assembly

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The first edition of the Bergen Assembly is a contemporary rewriting of the Strugatsky novel, conceived as an archipelago of fictitious research institutes. It delves into the idea that paradoxically, contemporary art is the place where the dialectical materialist magic of Monday Begins on Saturday has its afterlife, albeit as a potential accomplice to the real ravages of fictitious capital and as a victim of rampant precarization and austerity. Spread over multiple venues in Bergen, the exhibition gathers works that are themselves the outcome of critical-imaginative research into the heightened contradictions and particular injustices of our time.

supported program: ‘Arrhythmias of Counter-Production: Engaged Art in Argentina, 1995-2011’

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The University Art Gallery (UAG) at the University of California, San Diego presented an exhibition of Argentine political art produced in the public sphere over the past fifteen years – Arrhythmias of Counter-Production (October 6 2011 – January 20 2012).

Political Equator III Conference

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June 5, 2011 at hG

Round table discussion

Alejandro Meitin, Kelley Lindquist, Emiliano Gandolfi, Lucia Babina, Miguel Robles-Duran and Gabriela Rendon, Dana Cuff, Eyal Weizman and Alessandro Petti, Sergio Fajardo Valderrama, Rick Lowe, Anuradha Mathur and Dilip da Cunha, Brian McGrath…

Political Equator II Conference

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November 16, 2007 at hG

Presentations, panel and conversation

Ala Plastica; La Plata, Argentina / Urban Think Tank; Caracas, Venezuela / Raul Cardenas; Tijuana, Mexico