Steve Turner Contemporary to present second pop-up exhibition in Mexico: ART BAJA TIJUANA

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Steve Turner Contemporary is pleased to present ART BAJA (ABTJ), our second pop-up exhibition in Mexico. Art Baja will highlight the innovative architectural projects that are changing the face of while introducing seven cutting edge international artists. ABTJ features the architecture of Jorge Gracia () and artwork by Tyler Adams (Los Angeles); Aaron Aujla (New York); Petra Cortright (Los Angeles); Katherine Davis (Los Angeles); PANCA (); Pablo Rasgado (Mexico City) and Fabiola Torres-Alzaga (Mexico City). The exhibition will be held in Casa GS, a newly built house designed by Gracia.

Casa GS is a contemporary, light-filled home that was built on a very small budget utilizing accessible materials including concrete, glass, steel, drywall and wood. Gracia believes that architectural design is enhanced when architects work closely with builders and craftsmen. In that spirit, he manages every aspect of his projects until the last detail is finished including custom designed furniture. He also uses reclaimed materials from his past projects, reusing them in new construction. An element that he always employs is one that is ubiquitous in Mexico: artisanal labor. He believes that it translates into a quality that makes each project distinct, and the concepts of translation and transformation are central to ABTJ.

With his use of easily accessible materials, Gracia has something in common with several of the artists in ABTJ. Pablo Rasgado often uses sections of public walls and books found on city streets. He will live in Tijuana for the weeks leading up to ABTJ and will create works with materials extracted from the urban landscape. Whatever his source, Rasgado has an uncanny knack for making abstract works of poetic beauty that have social, political or art historical relevance.

Tyler Adams will present a kinetic sound installation that utilizes commonplace building materials and familiar sonic textures. In past works, he has used ducts, speakers and fans to create sounds reminiscent of heartbeats, breaths, shakes and murmurs.

Aaron Aujla will present the abstract paintings that he creates from used roofing shingles. Throughout his practice, Aujla translates familiar domestic elements into minimal abstractions that are rich with history and meaning.

PANCA, a Tijuana-based street artist, will create a mural on a temporary plywood wall inside Casa GS. Street art fits into ABTJ’s spirit of using what is accessible, and for PANCA, it is the public wall.

TIMUR will present a musical performance (Saturday July 20 at 9 pm) that was commissioned expressly for Art Baja Tijuana. It will consist of new songs, fictional and real conversations and improvisation inspired by the other artists in ABTJ. TIMUR will be accompanied by his two Los Angeles-based collaborators, Andrew Lessman on drums and Alex Noice on electric guitar.

Finally, Petra Cortright will present new digital paintings on fabric; Fabiola Torres-Alzaga will show new photographs that highlight the hand of a magician performing a magic trick; and Katherine Davis will show abstract paintings that represent mathematical concepts. It is the notion of the artist’s hand that makes these artists relevant to the exhibition. Whether through the use of a computer application, a camera, or a rag to apply paint, these artists transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

In addition to the four-day exhibition, there will be a tour of Tijuana’s modern architecture on Saturday, July 19. Projects designed by Jorge Gracia, Ramon Guillot, Manuel Martínez and Marcel Sanchez will be on view. Tour details will be available after June 1, 2013.