Ritual and Renewal: Thomas Glassford’s Mexico City public monument

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Writer and curator, James Oles, recently wrote an article in the March 2011 edition of Art in America about Thomas Glassford‘s site-specific, public monument in Mexico City, Xipe Totec. Read an excerpt below or click here to read the full article as a PDF.

In a city where every politician and institution seeks to commemorate anything possible with a monument, and where those monuments vie for attention within a hectic urbanism, Xipe Totec, a recently inaugurated site-specific LED light installation in Mexico City by the American artist Thomas Glassford, is a rare achievement. It is delicate and unobtrusive yet massive and unavoidable, historicist without being nationalist and unabashedly abstract without suffering from an elitism that too often leaves the general public – in whose interest civic monuments are supposedly erected – either mystified or indifferent. And it accomplishes all this at a site particularly weighted with history, in Mexico, a country with a particularly complex past…
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