Murals by Slanguage in The Past is Present at MOCAD

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Inspired by Diego Rivera’s iconic Detroit Industry murals (1932–33) for the Detroit Institute of Art, MOCAD’s guest curator and Deputy Director of Exhibitions at the Jewish Museum Jens Hoffmann invited a group of international artists to conceive new murals based on the history of Detroit. Eighty years after the completion of Rivera’s monumental work, The Past Is Present commemorates Detroit’s journey while concurrently referencing the Detroit Historical Society’s motto. Made by artists from around the world whose works are rooted in explorations of history, political conflict, and social change, these works allow an opportunity to begin where Rivera left off, examining the history of the city from contemporary points of view….

Li Xu collaborates on Rendez-vous 13 Young International Artists

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Created in 2002, thanks to the financial support of the Region Rhône-Alpes, Rendez-vous, an international platform dedicated to young creative artists, is handled in an original manner by three French institutions: the Musée d’art contemporain, Lyon; the Institut d’art contemporain, Villeurbanne / Rhône-Alpes; and the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, Lyon. This year’s event features twenty artists from five continents, ten of them living in France, with the exhibiting of new projects in painting, sculpture, video, installations, etc…

Martha Rosler: Culture Class launches in Berlin and New York

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This collection of essays written between 2010 and 2012 presents Martha Rosler’s most extensive update to her consideration of the role of artists in world culture and in urban gentrification since her landmark 1989 project If You Lived Here….

Ragnar Kjartansson and Tania Bruguera part of PLAY! Recapturing The Radical Imagination

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The thematic approach for GIBCA 2013 formulated by the artistic directors Edi Muka and Stina Edblom stems from the desire to investigate and critically reflect upon the notions of play and the radical imagination as two important ingredients of the artistic and political discourse. While playfulness seems to have permeated artistic strategies during the last century, radical imagination has provided a space for encounter and a frame for thought and action in today’s political struggles. However, the role and understanding of either notion and of the seamless relation between them has undergone many changes, reflecting the new condi- tions of our time and giving rise to a number of questions, such as: What is the transformative power of play? How do forms of playfulness affect or help manifestations of radical imagination? What does indeed constitute radical imagination? Does democracy still have a meaning? Do we dare to challenge the very way we live and imagine a different world?

Lucia Sanroman part of XI SITAC’s 11th international symposium on contemporary art theory

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For the first time, SITAC’s advisory committee assigned two directors for the 2013 edition. SITAC XI parts from the notion of community. The word-phrase which titles this edition, being-with-one-another, derives from the notion developed by contemporary French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy in his book Être singulier pluriel (Being Singular Plural, 1996) and works here as a trigger to approach different relations and associations between social and cultural phenomena, and the artistic practices….

Yang Fudong: Estranged Paradise, Works 1993–2013 at the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum

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This first midcareer survey of the work of Yang Fudong (born in 1971 in Beijing, lives and works in Shanghai) presents photographs, films, and multichannel videos by a leading figure in China’s contemporary art world and independent cinema movement. BAM/PFA’s presentation of Yang’s work includes twenty years of photographs and video installations in the galleries; a focus on one of Yang’s single-channel films daily in the museum theater; and a film series at the PFA Theater co-curated by the artist that focuses on works that have influenced him…