Murals by Slanguage in The Past is Present at MOCAD

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The Past is Present
September 6, 2013–January 5, 2014

Museum Of Contemporary Art Detroit
4454 Woodward Ave, Detroit MI, 48201

Inspired by Diego Rivera’s iconic Detroit Industry murals (1932–33) for the Detroit Institute of Art, MOCAD’s guest curator and Deputy Director of Exhibitions at the Jewish Museum Jens Hoffmann invited a group of international artists to conceive new murals based on the history of Detroit. Eighty years after the completion of Rivera’s monumental work, The Past Is Present commemorates Detroit’s journey while concurrently referencing the Detroit Historical Society’s motto. Made by artists from around the world whose works are rooted in explorations of history, political conflict, and social change, these works allow an opportunity to begin where Rivera left off, examining the history of the city from contemporary points of view.

Each artist has created a contemporary work in response to the city’s struggles and successes post-1933, touching on broader themes that are relevant across the nation. Topics include the many industries, ideals, and events that have propelled America forward—from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s pivotal yet under-recognized speech in Grosse Pointe, Michigan in 1968; to the development of labor unions, urban farming, and the birth of Motown; to the creation of central symbols of the American dream including sports stadiums and the automobile. The murals reference innovative urban responses to enormous losses in population and exalt the fortitude of the city and its people.

While Rivera may be remembered as often for large-scale controversies as he is for his large-scale frescoes, the impact of his works—their ability to capture history, energize resistance, and celebrate change—cannot be denied. It is in this spirit that this exhibition is based. Providing a looking glass into the past, the murals presented in The Past is Present allow for a reflection of what Detroit was, what it is, and what it may become.

The Past is Present is curated by Jens Hoffmann, MOCAD’s guest curator, and coordinated by MOCAD exhibitions department Zeb Smith, Jonathan Rajewski, and Liz Glass.

Murals conceived by Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, Julieta Aranda, Andrea Bowers, Carolina Caycedo, Nicolás Consuegra, Harrell Fletcher and Katherine Ball, Claire Fontaine, Maryam Jafri, William E. Jones, Daniel Martinez, Pedro Reyes, Martha Rosler, Slanguage, and Hank Willis Thomas.

Murals painted by Detroit artists Jon Anthony, Michael Burdick, Daniel DeMaggio, Edward John Charles Foster, Nick Jaskey, Jesse Kassel, Sunshine Lee, Sylvia Molina, Chris Morris, James Noellert, Lisa Poszywak, Tylonn J. Sawyer, Lindy Marie Shewbridge, Vaughn Taormina, Adam Thibodeau, and Vince Troia.

Exhibition programming support is generously provided by The Taubman Foundation and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts. Additional funding for programming and educational initiatives is provided by Edith S. Briskin/Shirley K. Schlafer Foundation.