Movement Field: Xu Zhen at Long March Space

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27 April – 23 June, 2013

Each of us has a certain desire of accomplishing a movement – Xu Zhen

Provocation has always been a main aspect in Xu Zhen’s creation, touching upon taboos, definitions and rules. His early work8848-1.86, fully reflects doubts about power and truth – this installation is a ‘troublemaker’, ironizing humankind’s illusory and blind pursuit for a certain ‘apogee’- it encompasses the current chaotic situation in politics, economy, culture and history generated by ambitions of hegemony, selfish desires. With provocation as a stimulus, Xu Zhen builds a systematized ‘destruction/reconstruction’ cycle. This logic reached its climax when in 2009he announced that ‘Xu Zhen’ was over, and began ‘MadeIn Company’. Under his direction, MadeIn creative team acted in a more radical way, at the edge of art creation, power and business. Operating under a public ‘undercover’ identity, ‘MadeIn’undertook all kind of experiences within this mechanism.

As Xu Zhen elaborated this art system, ‘Movement’ became a new keyword, it pointed out and aroused a reflection on the complexity of human collective consciousness and attitude. The seriesMovementism,created in 2012, was conceived by Xu Zhen as he subtly caught the fact that “people all have a certain desire of accomplishing a movement”.The newly created Movement Fieldthat will be presented this time, is an utopian space composed of multiplereal movement-relateditineraries. ThisMovement Field is a memorial, which questionspast and future commemorations; it constitutes a place for infinite spiritual quests. Thus, works from the series True Image exhibited within this Movement Fieldrepresents a form of media creation based on media diffusion. Among them, pictorial installations inspired by ‘faith’ and ‘symbols’, such as a lotus composed of gas stoves and huge rainbows Buddha,embodyXu Zhen’s comprehensionof faith and self-belief. ‘Ginseng’ images collected from the internet, probe Eastern and Western different cultural backgrounds and knowledge about a similar material, this work alludes to a certain upright tolerance within disorder and confusion.

These works by XuZhen, will all be displayed in MadeIn Company Spring 2013 New Works Exhibitionorganized by Long March Space. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience Xu Zhen’sMovementism. Xu Zhen considers that Human actions (and thoughts) that are stimulated by goalsconstitutea movement, heraises requestsonitsscale, adheres to this attitude, and determines a particular way of understanding. Through his signature provocation and doubt, 
Xu Zhen audaciously reveals his attitude towards the world.

Produced by MadeIn Company

About Xu Zhen

MadeIn Company Spring 2013 New Works Exhibition will be held at Long March Space. On this occasion, MadeIn Company is proud to announce the launch of the brand ‘Xu Zhen’. Simultaneously,MadeIn will become a company that represents and creates art brands. In 2009, as MadeIn Company was established, Xu Zhen declared he won’t use his individual identity anymore. This return isn’t an individual artist’s comeback, but the creation of a new brand. MadeIn Company will dedicate its work in terms of art creation, production, promotion, and collectionto the brand ‘Xu Zhen’. Hence, Xu Zhen is experiencing a third identity phase: from an individual entity to MadeIn Company’s entrepreneur, to a brand introduced by MadeIn Company. The emergence of ‘Xu Zhen’ brand is a breakthrough in the openness and possibilities in contemporary art; ‘Xu Zhen’ brand development will become a new model in contemporary art.


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