‘The Physique of Consciousness’: Made In Company at Long March Space

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Made In Company Ltd. (established 2009) is an art production company founded by leading conceptual artist .   Drawing on Xu Zhen’s vast array of experiences over the past decade, not only as artist, but also as arts organizer, including directing an artist run space, online art forum, and exhibition organizer/curator, the company provides a comprehensive approach towards art creation, blurring the lines between exhibition, production and curating, as well as authorship.

Spread 02, 2010

Consistently seeking to push the boundaries of social and cultural assumptions and their relations to factual realities, Made In deploys a variety of mediums situated for the task at hand including, video, photography, installation, painting, collage and performance.  Daring and controversial, the works challenge the viewer to validate the truth, as called for by Made In’s aptly titled inaugural exhibition in 2009, Seeing One’s Own Eyes.  Curated by Made In, the exhibition was ostensibly a collection of contemporary works by artists from the Middle East.  Laden with cliché and stereotype, the exhibition questioned the system by truths are given validity as facts, and in particular, the system by which artworks and authenticity are produced, given value and circulated.  Several works consisting of various materials and fabrics laid out onto canvas, utilized the motif of contemporary satirical cartoons and comics, providing incisive and witty commentary about larger political and social events. By appropriating and borrowing messages and rhetorical devices of mass media, public service announcements, and news reports these works prompt a critical approach to information.  Through its play with scale, substance, and space, and the obsession with notions of authenticity, sincerity and truth, Made In continue to expand its projects, engaging further with the process of art production, consumption and display.


A real subjection is born mechanically from a fictitious relation, 2010

Made In has shown in both China and abroad, at the UCCA, Beijing (2009), the S.M.A.K Museum, Gent, Belgium, and Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK (2010).

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Click here to watch a video of the opening of Made In’s 2011 exhibition Physique of Consciousness at Long March Space (Beijing, China).

*Banner Image: MADE IN COMPANY, The path to appearance is always accessible and traveled but one can go around it, Baseball bat, golf ball, 150 x 196.38 cm, 2010