hG commission: The Machine – Cabinet Man by Cecile Perret

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In October 2012, Argentine artist Cecile Perret was invited by the haudenschild Garage to do an intervention on an antique cabinet in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I am still amazed, haunted, and maybe even obsessed by the relationship between inside and outside – what other direction could I ever have taken?

More than anything when the subject/victim of this intervention is a piece of furniture that is already playing with this idea, in a boring way maybe, but it’s there: in the see-through glass and mirrors, in the confined and the secret spaces.

It was screaming out and I just made it obvious, only this time the contrast was greater.

The outside: a computer/machine/man. Cold, electronic, awkward.

The inside: guts. A surprise you wouldn’t expect in such a cold and sad piece of metal. The human bit.

There is in me at this point a fascination with guts. I think maybe for a while I was equally fascinated by the outside. Now I’m taking a lot of pleasure going through these paint surgeries, wanting to see what things are made of.

All of those strange connections and chemical transactions happening in hidden places…

Cecile Perret, November 2012

In 2010, Cecile was commissioned by the haudenschild Garage to create a graffiti mural in a space in Buenos Aires. She collaborated on this project with Lucía Brutta. Click here for more information on this project. 

About Cecile Perret

I was born in Rio Negro, Argentina in February 1977 and I expressed an interest in painting and drawing from an early age. I was encouraged by my parents to take lessons since I was 4 years old and did so on and off until the age of 21.
After graduating from college, I moved to Buenos Aires with my family and studied Visual Arts at the Escuela Panamericana de Diseño y Publicidad and an introductory year of Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires. It is at that time that I started showing my work and participating in competitions.
I lived in Paris, France for three years from 2002 to 2005. This was an extremely enriching and introspective period where I spent much of my time in my studio, seldom showing my work.
I moved to Milan in 2005, encouraged by close friend and trompe l‘oeil master Guesso. I spent one year working as his assistant and continuing my studio work.
Through the years I developed a great interest towards graffiti and street art, as well as comics and illustration. Elements from which started to gain space in my canvases.
I returned to Buenos Aires, where I currently live, in 2006 and immediately started to connect with artists, organizing group shows and contacting galleries. We created a series of massive group shows called Supermuestras and recently smaller versions called Veo-veos.
My work can be seen in galleries such as GP espacio de arte (Palermo), La Guanaca Azul (San Telmo) and VYP (Retiro).