garage talk: Walid Raad

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On April 10, 2007, the haudenschild Garage collaborated with the Visual Arts Department of to present a Garage Talk with  on his project The Atlas Group.

The Loudest Muttering is Over: Documents from The Atlas Group Archive was a mixed-media presentation of The Atlas Group’s archival material. The Atlas Group was a project undertaken by Raad between 1989 and 2004 about the contemporary history of Lebanon. In his presentations Raad used photographic slides, notebook pages, and videotape excerpts as historical artifacts attributed to various sources or characters such as Dr. Fadl Fakhouri, a leading historian of Lebanese history, or Souheil Bachar, an ex-hostage. The findings and claims of these figures were inspired by actual circumstances and objects such as the role of the car bomb in the Lebanese wars, existing captivity narratives, and horse-racing photographs.

About Walid Raad

Walid Raad works with video, photography, and literary essays to investigate the contemporary history of war in his native Lebanon. (We Decided To Let Them Say “We Are Convinced” Twice. It Was More Convincing This Way.), a series of 15 large-scale photographs, specifically recalls the Israeli Army’s invasion and siege of Beirut in 1982. That summer Raad, an intrepid 15-year-old with a telephoto lens, took photographs of near and distant military activity in West Beirut from his home in the eastern sector. Recently reprinting the pictures from the original, now degraded negatives, he discovered that the images’ unusual discoloration, creases, and holes offered a disturbing but realistic representation of a broken world rendered flat by the series of catastrophes that had befallen it. Highly regarded for his project The Atlas Group, Raad grapples with the representation of traumatic events of collective historical dimensions and the ways film, video, and photography function as documents of physical and psychological violence.

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