Documenting DOCUMENTA: A haudenschildGarage Project with Matthew Schum

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d13 Website Shortcuts

Documenta 13 has a confusing website. It is basically a blog without a vertical, top-to-bottom blueprint. Sliding panels reveal links placed in grids leading to more overlapping planes with more grids. The result is a novel design that silos information. Theoretically, I support moving away from the Lazy Susan scheme that makes the internet as complicated as a condiment rack. Yet, the result is a treasure hunt that demands more than it apparently gives at first sight.

Don’t be discouraged, there is excellent material to be found in the form of essay PDFs, podcasts, videos and shopping. Some highlights:

Start with dogs:

An Adorno download:

The Hatje Cantze catalogs:

Documenta’s importance is framing the current zeitgeist, explains super curator Catherine David. This is more insightful than obvious as it comes from David herself:

Lecture by Catherine David, Artistic Director of documenta X, 1997

Relive Documenta 11 as biography with Okwui Enwezor:

There is programming in Afghanistan but to find your bearings, this might be the most important link:

Eight other venues can be found here:

Book your “dTOUR” walking lectures, departing from various venues. Hosted by “World Champions”, these tour guides possess “different knowledges” and they maybe older or younger than you (depending on how old you are):

This was the highlight of the computer section for me—a 1970 exhibition at New York’s Jewish Museum that saw the world futuristically through the computer’s aesthetics:

VW, the livery company behind Deutsche Bahn and the finance bank, Sparkassen, are the international corporations advertised as the “Major Sponsors” of d13:

Last, but not least, the “participants” listed in the artist category: