artist-in-residence: Tom Zummer

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Artist Tom Zummer was an Artist-In-Residence at the haudenschildGarage from July 1 – 7, 2007.

Zummer was invited to the Garage to collaborate on producing a series of drawings that would represent the hG, projects in a series for Cabinet magazine, published in Fall 2007 and Winter 2007/8.

About Tom Zummer

Tom Zummer is a scholar, writer, and artist. Among his recent publications are “Projection and Dis/embodiment: Genealogies of the Virtual” in Into the Light: The Projected Image in American Art 1964-1977, Chrissie Iles (Whitney Museum, 2001); “Variables: Notations on Stability, Permeability and Plurality in Media Artifacts” in Saving the Image: Essays on Film and Video, ed. Tanya Leighton and Pavel Buchler, (CCA/Manchester, 2002); Portraits of Robots (a catalog of recent works, 2002); “What the Hell is That?” Induced Aberration in Cinematic Taxa, a digital book on cinema and the taxonomy of monsters (Beehive Microtitles #1, 2000); CRASH: Nostalgia for the Absence of Cyberspace (with Robert Reynolds, exhibition catalog/Thread Waxing Space, 1994); and Rouen: Touring Machines/Intermittent Futures (with Judith Barry and Brad Miskell, Nicole Klagsbrun, Rouen/Paris, 1992). He is currently completing a book on the early history of reference systems entitled Intercessionary Technologies: Archive/Database/Interface. He is also a practicing artist, and exhibits his drawings, sculptural and media works worldwide. Tom Zummer lectures on philosophy and the history of technology, and currently teaches in the Critical Studies Department at New York University and the Transmedia Programme at the Academy Sint Lukas in Brussels, Belgium.