Allan Kaprow’s Travelog Reinvented with MOCA

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TROLLEYTALES: in San Diego, California

Lucia Sanroman’s group worked off of FERRYTALE and looked to the trolley lines in San Diego for their project titled, TROLLEYTALES. They engaged those taking the trolley through asking for change (a comment on the need for exact change for the ticket machines at trolley stations). Trolleytale was a project inspired by and Lin Yu’s FERRYTALE in Shanghai. Lucia’s group (Giacomo Castagnola Chaparro, Ariana Hernandez-Reguant, Sean Neil, Alan Rosenblum, Carlos Trilnick, Nina Waisman, Christin Turner) decided to travel on San Diego’s trolley lines, interviewing the passengers. Additionally, they engaged people through asking for change for a $20 bill as none of the stations have change machines and the ticket machines only take exact change.